Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Call Me Jane!

Jane Jetson that is! I remember a segment of the Jetson's in which Jane became frazzled and ill because she was pushing too many buttons. Her fingers were gnarled and twisted at her over-exertion. That was approximately fifty years ago. I thought it was a funny episode and for some reason I've remembered it. Well, this morning I decided that after a small amount of baking, the oven in my new house needed cleaning. But . . . I had no instruction manual for the stove. I took a long, hard look at the control panel on top of the stove, pushed the button labeled (of all things) "auto clean". And--wahhhlaaaahhh! My miracle stove locked itself and began cleaning. Now this truly is good stuff as I remember hours spent scrubbing and scouring my old ovens. You'd spray them, let them sit overnight, and then you woke up in the morning to an icky, gooey mess which was all yours! I much prefer this method. I must go lie down now as all this exertion of pushing buttons and typing on keyboards is exhausting!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Precious Gifts!

Sometimes God sends you a little gift and you have to be very observant in order to see it. I've been trying to "baby" my flowers this summer so we'd have a nice back yard for Luke & Janelle's wedding. I was successful at most, but not so lucky with others. There's a hanging planter on the back of the house that I've had to replant--I wanted vining plants that would add a touch of green to that bare spot on the house. It's finally coming along although we only have a few weeks of summer left. This morning I went out to "survey the estate" (a term my family has heard repeatedly when I wanted some 'get-away' time). To my surprise there was a little peach colored flower on one of the newly planted vines. At first I thought someone have put an artificial flower into the pot--but upon closer inspection I realized that my tenacious, little vine also flowered. It was such a nice little surpise to wake up to on this beautiful Sabbath morning--just thought I'd share.