Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Measure Twice--Buy Once

Well, the Old Duffer and I made the trek to Lava in the "Bubba-Mater" to retrieve my wonderful furniture find. I was so excited to bring the bookcase home and put it in my large, empty family room. One little thing I didn't think about was getting the bookcase into the house and down the basement stairs in one piece. It was just not going to happen. After much thought, discussion, and physical maneuvering, the HUGE bookshelves are now sitting in my little office. I still love them but they're like a pink elephant sitting in this room. Advice to the wise-"er": Always take a measuring tape with you when shopping for that "deal of a lifetime". I still think I would have bought them anyway--handcarved, hardwood imported from Indonesia--BEAUTIFUL!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Once in a While!

I can't believe how much stuff there is to do when one moves from one address to another. I keep thinking we're about done and another project comes up. Yesterday my brother called and told me of a Bed and Breakfast--Lion's Gate Manor--that was having a furniture sale. Apparently the owner bought a lot of furniture but after he put the beds in the rooms he didn't have room for the elaborate furnishings. His loss--my gain! Gwen and I made the 1 1/2 hour drive to Lava Hot Springs and went shopping. I ended up buying a 6' (7' tall) handcarved, hardwood book shelf for $400.00. That may not sound fantastic, but have you shopped for furniture lately? Yikes! We've been looking for bookshelves since the Old Duffer is an avid reader--I was happy to find them. But now, how do I get them home? That's another problem. As we were leaving they pulled out another coffee table and I bought it as well--$30.00. Hardwood. Nice! Most of the furniture was too formal for my cute little house, but the prices were fantastic. Deal of a lifetime--if I can only get my treasures home!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The Old Duffer and the Monkey"

This old Gam is not the most patient person in the world. In fact, if you were to call me "driven", that would be most accurate. I get something in my mind and it just will not leave until I get it done.

The Old Duffer I live with is exactly the opposite. His motto? "Why do today what you can do five years from now?" Consequently, I feel that I spend a lot of my time waiting on him. He, on the other hand, spends a lot of time listening to me--let's admit it--NAG! I HATE TO NAG! If I can see the the job needs doing--why can't he? The difference is this: He can see that it needs doing but it just doesn't bother him. I see that it needs doing and it stays with me like a monkey on a cupcake. Think I'll write about it and call it . . .