Friday, June 17, 2011


Have you ever wondered if you were in the *starring role* in someone else's dream? Lastnight I dreamt about a person I hardly even know. I dreamt that I found a wad of uncashed welfare checks and food stamps--with not one personal hint as to the original owner. My mind raced through all the things I could do with this windfall. But as the dream progressed I realized the checks would have the "name" of the owner written on them. Namely, Pauline Starr (who knows who that is?). But I did have a "face" to go with the name--at least in my dream. So I spent the entire night trying to track her down. I didn't know where she lived but I knew her mother--could I call her mother? It was after 11:00 p.m. But Pauline would be so worried and would be happy if I woke her mother up, wouldn't she? I can't tell you how disappointed I was to have to return all that money. Maybe I'm watching too much FOX news with all their information on the great government giveaway. Anyway . . . I woke up wondering if like *Pauline*, I ever ended up in someone else's crazy dreams. They say our dreams are a peek into our hidden desires. I don't believe that! I'm pretty sure *Pauline* isn't on food stamps. And I'm pretty darn sure that if I DID find such items I wouldn't plot how to spend them. But I did wonder what I did lastnight in *someone else's dream*.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Was Just Thinking

Have you ever noticed that your arms are like little thermostats? Seriously--when you're in bed and get hot, out come the arms from under the covers. And then when you cool down, they pop right back inside. Am I the only one who has noticed this scientific phenomenon?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm A Lucky Girl . . .

Do you actually realize all the wonders of the inter net? Just in todays mail I got tons of free gifts. They include:

  • All my Christmas gifts paid for

  • I get to pay less than half the taxes I owe (gosh, I think we already paid them)

  • An extension on my warranty (I don't think I have any warranties)

  • My next car "the car of my dreams" below actual cost

  • Two Jet-Blu airline tickets

  • Better breasts

  • Penis enhancement

  • I'm a lottery winner

  • Unclaimed assets in my name

  • Disability benefits

  • Jennie is interested in me (come on . . . I'm a g.i.r.l.)

  • I have 5 "FlirtVites"

  • Lucky me--I'm going to Vegas

  • All the VIAGRA I could ever want---wooo-hooo--what a weekend this is going to be (I think I'll take it to Vegas with me)

  • A free I-phone

  • A superprize notification from Publisher's Clearing House

How did we ever live without the inter net?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cranberry Pomegranite Salad

I got this recipe from--of all people--my brother John. Last year he told me he could eat the whole bowl full. Unfortunately for me, he told me this AFTER the last shipment of cranberries. So I've been waiting a whole year to make it. It was worth the wait. I'm passing it on to all of you!

1 12 oz. bag cranberries
3/4 cup sugar
Blend together in blender until chopped. (I tried this a couple of ways and the best is to blend the cranberries with water to chop them--then drain over a strainer.) Add sugar and refrigerate 2 hours.

1 pt whipping cream--whipped firmly
2 1/2 cups minature marshmallows.

Mix together and chill 2 hours.

After chilled, mix together and add the pomegranite seeds from one pomegranite, 1 peeled and grated apple. Mix together and serve.

It's yummy--and looks pretty as well. We're going to do this for Thanksgiving--I'm sure!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Something New!

I did something tonight for the very first time. I watched a MOVIE IN MY CAR! Now for the rest of the United States, that's nothing new. But for me it was a thrilling experience. What I wouldn't have given to have a couple of those little movie screens in my car when we were on our way to Indiana in a station wagon filled with SIX restless kids. Funny thing is . . . Santa Claus brought the DVD player to us for Christmas nearly a year ago. And this is the first time we've I've used it. We had to stop and buy headphones for it because the volume just wasn't loud enough for my old ears. But it sure was fun--even if I AM feeling a little nauseous. Yep--I watched the WHOLE THING! I can still remember when TV first went to c.o.l.o.r. Must be a fossil!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poor Widdo Blog . . .

I've been feeling guilty that I haven't updated any of my blogs all summer. But as I'm browsing through blogs that I follow, it appears that others also have been ignoring their online journals. I guess that means we all have great lives and have been busy during the summer. But hold on . . . we've had several frosts already this year. Meaning, snow will soon follow and we'll all be housebound and get back to writing about those all important matters. Catch ya later alligator! Wawww-Waww-Waww!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Twins

A couple of months ago the bishop called us in and asked us if we'd be willing to house a couple of LDS missionaries for the next six months. "Sure 'nuff" we said. So this is what we got. Elder Medina is from Hawaii--weighs in at a tiny 280, and wears a size 17 shoe. Elder Crouch is from Maryland--has that southern accent which makes me homesick for my daddy, and (FYI) wears a size 13 shoe. It's been fun and interesting. I'd give my eye teeth to read what they write to their mommies and daddies about their stay with the Mack-o-wackies!

Shoes: Last fall Elder Crouch did a service project where he helped a family plant their lawn. He put the shoes away and when he got them out this spring they were sprouting grass. I thought it was hilarious and showed a couple of the children in the neighborhood. Pretty soon the doorbell started ringing and other kids came over to see if they could see the shoes growing grass. We had a lot of fun at his expense. It's been interesting!!!