Monday, March 30, 2009

Be Careful What You Write!

Feeling very adventurous I signed my blog up with adsense! Everyone told me I should be advertising on my blog as a way of making money! "What the heck--I'll give it a shot," I thought. I went online, made the request for my blog, and then checked off anything that looked "objectionable" to me. I'm good, right? WRONG! If you scroll down you read "My peeps are drying." This refers to those little marshmallow delicacies we all buy at Easter time.

So today, I'm checking my blog to see if anyone is bothering to read this stuff--and low and behold--right there on my blog was an ad for--of all things . . . PEEP SHOWS--adults only! What? When I was writing about Peeps (which is also what I named my bird because he reminded me of the aforementioned candy) it never occurred to me that that word would also link with "peep shows",the ADULT kind. So my goal for the day is to find a way to block "peep shows" from my adsense account. This may prove very difficult as I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. But that's pretty obvious--or I wouldn't be advertising peep shows to the world. I'm on it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spending Habit!

Ok--we have moved into the city! Now that may sound normal to all of you but it has created a big problem for me--AVAILABILITY! I used to live 15 miles out of town so I would plan my trips and only shop for things on my list. Now, I'm so close that if I read an ad, I'm THERE! Not to mention the fact that moving into a new house has required us to do some shopping for things for the house--like rugs, blinds, etc. But I have discovered that I like to spend money and somehow THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! This week alone I purchased a head/footboard for my king size bed and a new game table for my huge, EMPTY family room. While I pride myself on being frugal and a "Clearance Shopper Extraordinnaire", I have to draw the line. I'm hoping that as it gets warmer and I can be outside more, my spending habit will be replaced by lots of rewarding yard work. But then . . . we have a nice big yard with absolutely NO plants in it. Ah-oh! I see a garden shop in my future!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Neighborhood observations!

I've been in my new house for almost a month now and I'm learning about the neighborhood. As I "work" on the computer this morning I glanced out my front window to observe a mad dash to the bus stop. It was a sight I'm glad I got to witness. I saw a young, and obviously very healthy mother, and her young child running quickly down the street. Within moments the 8 year old from across the street came blasting out the front door and also made a run to catch the bus. I couldn't help but watch to see if they all made it. Sure enough, they did. It may not sound like much, but it helps me to understand the community that I live in. I remember those hectic mornings--shower them, shovel the food in, and shove them out the door. Fortunately my kids could walk to school if they missed the bus--and it happened frequently. It's been fun placing myself in a new situation and meeting new people. I have high hopes for many happy years spent here in our new home. Come see us! We'd love it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Peeps are Drying!

It seems that everyone I know has a cooking blog. Since I HATE to cook I will now provide you with my own personal recipe for an Easter delicacy. Go to your local Wal-Mart and purchase approximately 5 packages of those little marshmallow peeps. In this high-tech age peeps can be purchased in a myriad of colors. Once you get them home, remove the cellophane wrapper and set them up high to dry. You must do this now so that your peeps will be mature and ready for Easter in approximately one month. If you place them where you can see them your are highly likely to devour these small delicacies before they are dried to perfection. Good luck and enjoy.


As I type this blog, my little yellow canary named "Peeps" (named after the afore mentioned Easter candy) is quivering in his cage!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can't find a darn thing!

This moving experience has been great! Except for the fact that I can't find a darn thing. As we were moving in I'd put something away and think, "Now that's the perfect spot for that." Then, when I go looking for it, that "perfect spot" isn't so obvious. I have to look through all of my cupboards to find just one little thing. I'm even moving a few things again as they are just too inconvenient.

This morning I finally ventured out into my back yard which still has two feet of snow in it. (I'm not exaggerating--the steps are two feet tall and the snow comes to the top of the steps.) I have a dreadful fear of falling again, but I felt extremeley brave because the snow was frozen solid. I jammed my shepherd's hook into the snow, filled my bird feeders to capacity, and hung the food out for the little birdies--of which I have seen NONE. I'm just waiting for them to get the news that the diner is 'OPEN FOR BUSINESS.'

Friday, March 06, 2009

Can it really be that long ago?

Ok, here's a real shocker. The old duffer and I have been married nearly 38 years. As we were moving I discovered an unopened wedding gift--brand new, still in the box. It has been sitting in the cupboard over the fridge for nearly 40 years. It was a 4 qt. corningware casserole dish. I have another one just like it and I suppose I was saving this one for when the other one wore out. Amazingly, I had never felt the need to replace the one I'm currently using. So I took it out of the box, washed it and it is now sitting in my new cupboards along with the "old" bakeware. Looks downright "spiffy". Sadly, it held up better than either I or the old duffer did!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Once again I just have to say what a wonderful thing it was that I gave birth to seven children. This weekend we moved out of our family home of 34 years, and into a newer home (bigger house, smaller yard). The kids were AWESOME! Dad and I could never have done it without them. And, it was fun. They were real troupers as they quickly and very proficiently (I might add), got the job done in short order. Thanks kids! All of you were great!

And . . . I'm glad I went from a smaller home to a bigger one. I can't imagine doing the reverse. I'm still trying to find places to put things. It'll take us a while to get things the way we want them, but the hard part is done. Thanks kids! Love you tons!