Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Twins

A couple of months ago the bishop called us in and asked us if we'd be willing to house a couple of LDS missionaries for the next six months. "Sure 'nuff" we said. So this is what we got. Elder Medina is from Hawaii--weighs in at a tiny 280, and wears a size 17 shoe. Elder Crouch is from Maryland--has that southern accent which makes me homesick for my daddy, and (FYI) wears a size 13 shoe. It's been fun and interesting. I'd give my eye teeth to read what they write to their mommies and daddies about their stay with the Mack-o-wackies!

Shoes: Last fall Elder Crouch did a service project where he helped a family plant their lawn. He put the shoes away and when he got them out this spring they were sprouting grass. I thought it was hilarious and showed a couple of the children in the neighborhood. Pretty soon the doorbell started ringing and other kids came over to see if they could see the shoes growing grass. We had a lot of fun at his expense. It's been interesting!!!